GAF is the leading manufacturer of high-quality roofing material in the country. Beyond supplying shingles that are intended to provide high quality performance for the lifetime a person is in a home, GAF also sets the standard for what makes a Master Elite Roofer. GAF-certified roofers must maintain a standard of excellence, pursue ongoing training, and regularly prove that they are using the best installation techniques to ensure that each customer gets the most from their GAF roofing materials.

All of these are good reasons to choose a GAF-certified roofer, but the best of all is the warranty that a GAF Master Elite certified roofer can offer: the Golden Pledge Warranty suite.

JPA Roofing is among the elite 3% of professional roofers who have achieved GAF certification and continuously maintain a GAF-certified status. We are proud to bring you all the benefits that a GAF-certified roofing company guarantees when you choose us to work on your residential or commercial roofing project. 

1. GAF Certified Master Elite Roofers are the Best of the Best

Your roof is part of your home for a very long period of time, so it’s vital to be judicious in who you pick for your project to ensure that you get protection, performance, and decades of guaranteed quality. The best place to start is selecting roofers you know you can trust in professionalism and skill. Maintaining a GAF roofer certification ensures that your roofers constantly strive to provide top-of-industry quality for your roof.

  • Only 3% of Roofers Earn the GAF Master Elite Certification.

    • GAF has named its certified roofers “Master Elite” for a reason. It takes a lot to earn the GAF Master Elite certification – and to keep it every year. Only 3% of all roofers strive and make the cut.
  • GAF Roofers Must Maintain Excellent Quality and Ongoing Training

    • Almost like a Michelin star restaurant, GAF-certified roofing teams must strive with every roof we build or repair to meet that standard of excellence and have to continue to prove our level of high-quality installations. GAF Certified roofers must also seek continuing education on the latest techniques, materials, and best practices to achieve that excellence.

2. GAF Certified Roofers Can Offer the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty Suite

GAF offers three levels of warranty on a new shingle roof system. The highest level warranty, the Golden Pledge, is only offered by GAF-certified Master Elite roofers. The Golden Pledge offers:

  • 100% coverage of material defects for the lifetime of the roof or 50 years
  • 100% installation and labor costs for the lifetime of the roof,
  • 100% workmanship coverage for 25 years
  • 40-point factory inspection

For such an extensive and comprehensive cover, you might ask, “how is it that GAF can offer such a complete and powerful warranty on your roof system?” 

It’s because GAF has ensured that only the best, most skilled, and most reliable roofers can become certified under their name. The installation, labor, and workmanship coverage are there to show that GAF guarantees the quality of their roofers. This includes everything down to the shingles and other materials used, roof system features installed, and the quality of service that certified Master Elite roofers and roofing teams provide.

3. Your Roof’s GAF Warranties Go Above and Beyond Any Local Roofing Team

Interestingly, once your roof has a Golden Pledge warranty, GAF backs the warranty, not the roofing contractor. This means that even if the roofing contractor who installed your roof moves, retires or even goes out of business, your GAF Golden Pledge warranty would still be valid; and should something come up, you would contact GAF directly, and GAF would have another GAF-certified contractor take care of your needs. Furthermore, the warranty isn’t just limited to the original homeowners who built the roof. If you sell the home, consider selling the perk of a roof that is still covered by the GAF Golden Pledge warranty – as the warranty can also be transferred once to the next homeowner.

Considering that modern asphalt shingles can last 50+ years, the warranty itself is a huge selling point and can add even more long-term value to your home than a new roof.

Why Choose a GAF Certified Roofer

As a savvy homeowner, you have every reason to shop around for the best roofers with the best offers. Choosing a GAF-certified roofer ensures that you receive top-notch quality roof services, roof care, and installation. Additionally, installing a new roof with a GAF Master Elite Roofer also unlocks the best roofing warranties in the business. That is added value at its finest. 

JPA Roofing is a GAF-Certified roofing company, and we believe we offer the best of both worlds – we are a local company whose warranties are backed by a multi-billion dollar manufacturer that has been in business for over 120 years. We are based in Raytown and serve the greater Kansas City metro area. We promise you local contracting knowledge and service with a smile while also providing you the highest possible standards as GAF-certified roofers. When you hire JPA Roofing, you hire a professional who brings experience, technique, and the best warranty options in the business. Contact JPA to get a free estimate for your roofing service needs.


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