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Commercial Maintenance Program

Extend the Life of Your Roof with a Quality Maintenance Program

Even though you may have purchased your roof with a manufacturer’s warranty, most roofing material manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep their warranties valid.

A roof maintenance program can extend the service life of your roof. How well a roof performs over time depends on two issues:

  • How well the roof was installed, and
  • How well the roof has been maintained.

Maintenance program customers have learned that they save money by following a maintenance program for their roofs. It is far less expensive than reacting to potentially costly problems as they occur!

Who Can Benefit From A Maintenance Program?

  • Home Owner Associations (HOAs)
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Building Owners

Membership Details

The following items are required by the manufacturer to be inspected to maintain your warranty status:

  • Penetrations
  • Flashings
  • Missing tabs/ridge caps
  • Sealant failure and others

Semi-annual inspections include: cleaning all drains, visually inspecting the roof, term bars and sealants, and photo documentation of the roof’s condition and its components. The minor repairs of nail pop, sealant failures, and debris build-up are included; however, the more extensive repairs are documented and submitted to you for approval.

Post Storm Service

When a storm hits, we’ll know immediately through our constant tracking technology. And as a Maintenance Program Member, you can count on rapid and reliable action to help you get the inspection and reports you need.

Why Choose JPA?

We have the background and know-how to get even the most complex projects done on time and budget. As well, we provide extensive industry training and use leading-edge technology.

Set an appointment with us and get all the benefits that come with our maintenance program.

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